What We Do

Through a focus on the oral systemic connection, we help practitioners slow the conversation down with patients to bridge proactive dental health with overall wellness.

We offer our clients streamlined turnkey technology, systems and solutions that compliment a general, perio or pedo practice.

Integrating precision health and personalized medicine, we enable dentists and their team to cultivate a consistent message and standard of care that lifts and empowers their patients.

About Your Practice Wellness

Who We Are

A knowledgeable team of wellness solutions consultants, marketing strategists and business optimization coaches that serve dentists, physicians and medical practitioners.

We understand practice management and the dental marketplace.

Our passion is helping to positively impact dentists and their teams to earn patient’s trust, business and referral through elevated patient care and integration of the wellness conversation.


Corporate dentistry

Changing landscape

The landscape is changing in medicine and dentistry with corporate dentistry representing a new, competitive high-growth segment.

Increased dependence on insurance

Insurance dependent

Increased dependence on insurance with decreased compensation for ongoing and elective care.

Price conscious


Price sensitive marketplace where patients view healthcare practitioners as homogenous, non-differentiated choices.

Patient Benefits



Educates patients helping them understand that what dentists see in the mouth translates to the whole body.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Fosters peace of mind for individuals, parents and families.

First line of defense

First line of defense

Serve as first responders with preventive diagnosis and communication systems for patients with at-risk medical conditions.

Protects time-starved patients


Protects time-starved patients and practitioners in a burdened healthcare system, since patients see their dentist 4–6 times more often than their primary care physicians.

Personalized care

Personalized care

Offers personalized care that helps practicioners treat the specific DNA and lifestyle of the patient.


Practice Benefits

Elevate doctors & team

Elevates practitioners with a clinical opportunity to serve patients as a health and wellness advocate and partner.

Increase Efficiencies

Increases efficiencies through essential interdisciplinary communication systems.

Deeper patient connection

Achieves a deeper connection and relationship with your patients.

Earn respect and referrals

Earns the respect and referral of our ideal patients.

Transform your patients

Transforms your patients into missionaries of your practice.

Attract & retain ideal patients

Attracts and retains the ideal team as your practice grows the right way.

Change the conversation. Change a life.
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